Cancer Cause and Removal

A special medical research committee led by Dr. Milbank Johnson at the University of Southern California did a 3-month study to test the effectiveness of an electronic ray tube device for cancer. They treated 16 patients which were all pronounced cured after 91 days according to the documented results. If you are interested in understanding this disease, what causes it and how to eliminate the cause; the following two articles address these issues. These articles are not approved by the American Medical Association and are not provided to treat, prevent or cure any disease. It is only information regarding the nature of the disease and some historical information regarding what some have done to alter conditions in their body so it can return to homeostasis. A licensed medical professional is the only one legally able to treat, prevent or cure any disease and the author of these articles does not qualify in this respect. eliquidsoutletCANCER CAUSE


Cancer is caused by a pleomorphic pathogen having 4 distinct stages. It has been known for over 70 years that the stage of the pathogen is determined by the pH of the surrounding tissue. Later research has discovered that three other conditions must also exist in the body for the cancer pathogen to exist, there. Each of the four conditions will be discussed in the four parts following this introduction. Once we understand these conditions, we can address their removal and any additional items that might be needed. singsanam


pH is defined as the negative log of the hydrogen ion concentration although it has nothing to do with hydrogen. The definition was created in 1906 by chemists who needed the smallest common denominator, the smallest element of charge by which all others could be identified. For this reason, hydrogen was chosen because it has only one electron, the smallest element of charge. ITC Franchise

pH, however, has to do with electrons, not hydrogen. It identifies the acidity or alkalinity of a liquid. A pH of 7 is defined as neutral. Lower is acidic. Higher is alkaline. Acids lack electrons which are negative. Therefore acids have a positive charge which attracts alkaline liquids which are negative. vigorousism

It was discovered in a bio-medical research laboratory in La Jolla, California that when electrons are removed from a particular fungus by immersing it in a more acidic liquid, it changes form from a fungus to a monococoid life form. Further electron removal causes it to change to a yet different form named the BY virus and, then, to a BX virus which is the most aggressive form of cancer. Experiments were done over 100 times to verify that changing the pH would change the cancer virus from the BX form to the fungus and back, again.

So now we know that cancer can start as a simple fungus and become deadly as a result of pH change. The next part will deal with oxygen and the part it plays in the proliferation of the cancer pathogen. kratom tablets


The oxygen content of the air in industrialized areas of the world is dramatically lower than it was 100 or even 20 years ago. This has contributed greatly to the rise of cancer and other diseases in recent years.

Nearly all disease-causing micro-organisms, including the cancer pathogen, are anaerobic, meaning that they require an oxygen-free environment to exist. So, when the body is not getting enough oxygen to saturate the entire body, then areas are available for the cancer pathogen to exist in any of its four forms. This is typically the case in areas of the body that have collected toxic chemicals, and will be addressed in the next section of this document. Smokers are particularly at risk since the smoke debris that have collected in their lungs blocks the transfer of oxygen to the bloodstream and the debris, itself, can create oxygen-free areas for the cancer pathogen to exist.

Anemia caused by inadequate iron in the blood can be another contributing factor because of the inability of the red cells to carry the oxygen without iron. Rouleaux or clumping of the red cells also inhibits oxygen transfer as does poor circulation, low blood pressure, etc. Anything that restricts access to, or transfer of, oxygen to the cells of the body can create an oxygen-free environment for cancer to exist.


Dr. Hulda Clark cites toxicity as the cause of cancer and many other diseases. You can read about this in her books “The Cure for all Cancers” and “The Cure for all Diseases”. Toxicity is the accumulation of foreign substances in the body that are difficult for it to eliminate. They act as, or have the effect of, a poison because they exclude oxygen and nutrients that healthy cells need to function properly. Examples of substances that cause toxicity in the body are canola oil, monosodium glutamate, Splenda, Nutra Sweet, sodium laurel sulfate, silver (mercury) fillings, chlorine, fluoride, bromines, pesticides and most aromatic hydrocarbons such as methyl alcohol, paint solvents, cleaners and air fresheners. The EPA has identified hundreds of carcinogens in our environment by (lack of) virtue of their toxicity in the body. Vaishno Devi Helicopter Booking

In addition to non-food substances causing toxicity, food can do the same in the colon when it can’t be eliminated properly through normal functioning. Meat is a good example. When there is not enough fiber in the diet, it becomes rancid and excludes oxygen and nutrients needed for the colon tissue to function properly. Any clogged or mal-functioning organ can, also, become toxic from the accumulation of debris that excludes oxygen and nutrients. A common example is a clogged liver from excess antibiotics and/or anesthetics such as acetaminophen.


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