Using the Law of Attraction With Mastery

We use the Law of Attraction all the time and it’s so powerful we hardly notice it. We think something good is going to happen, and something good happens. If we expect something bad to happen, something bad happens. We don’t usually ascribe it to the Law of Attraction but to our own predictive abilities. We say, “See, I knew that was going to happen.” In actuality, you created the event through your expectation. drivingschoolintoronto

This uses the Law of Attraction, which can be stated in a formula version as:

  • (Vision + Belief) * Passion = Manifestation


Changing Your Expectations:

We all have some “lessons” which re-occur during our lives. For some the lessons are about money and for others, about relationships. The more these lessons re-occur, the more we expect them and the more we expect them the more they happen again and again. I have come to realize that it is not that our guides are sending these lessons to us so that we can learn, but that we are creating them so that we can learn.

I have had a formerly distressing relationship with money. When I most want it to be there, it isn’t. This started with my allowance as a child. My father gave me an allowance for three weeks, and when I didn’t do with it what he wanted me to do with it, he stopped giving it to me. Now, three weeks isn’t long enough to get used to something so I hardly missed it when it was gone, but it seemed to create a pattern that I have recreated over and over again. As soon as I have an expectation of abundance, a barrier arises. In the past, these barriers have caused me great distress. This has been the Law of Attraction all the time. I kept attracting what I expected.

Most recently, I started working a temp job for a well established agency. They explained their payment schedule and were very clear about it. I even called to make sure that the first check would be on the schedule and that there wouldn’t be any delay because I was determined that I wouldn’t be disappointed.

The scheduled date came, and my bank account showed nothing from this company and I had signed up for direct deposit! If I received my mail at my home, as other Americans do, then I would have seen their check, but since I receive my mail at the Post Office and can only pick it up on Saturdays it seemed to me that I wasn’t paid. I didn’t get it until the weekend (and the previous Wednesday was their official payday). Look at how powerful our expectations are! In spite of preemptive inquiries, I found a way to delay that first check and to re-experience that childhood disappointment when my father stopped giving me an allowance. temp-mail

Let Go of Attachment in Order to Master the Law of Attraction

I had also planned to ride my bike to town to make the deposit, but then all three of the bikes in my shed were mysteriously out of commission. Previously, I would have been very upset at this point, but my attitudes and expectations have changed. I simply accepted that I would have to wait. As Byron Katie suggests, I didn’t fight reality.

The following day my car was available. It was Sunday when the bank was closed, but I was able to deposit the check through a new machine that prints out a copy of the check and “magically” gave me instant access to most of the money. This felt like a miracle and I attributed it to the fact that I let go of attachment to this money and to my plan and trusted the Universe to take care.

Trusting the Universe

This is the biggest skill for mastering the Law of Attraction. Having the idea, or the picture is the start. The more energy or passion associated with your idea, the stronger is the manifestation. So, as the saying goes, “Be careful what you wish for.” Negative ideas (such as my idea that “the money won’t be there”) are just as capable of being manifested as the positive ones (“the Universe has taken care of this!”)
So, think of what you want 90% of the time, rather than what you don’t want. (Those thoughts will sneak in, but keep them to a minimum.) Believe that the Universe wants you to be happy, because it does. Put passion behind your best/highest dreams by visualizing/feeling/hearing the wonderful things that will occur for you and others.


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