Pet Portraits – Tips For an Elegant Shot

Having a good photograph of a certain pet will generally lead to a more elegant and naturalistic appearance of your personal pet portraits. Actually, getting an excellent image of your pets particularly dogs and cats are frustrating for they are not human that could be given an instruction to pose for awhile.

There are some people who hire a professional photographer to have an assurance of good pet portraits. Actually, you can also make yourself as a professional photographer in time. All you have to possess is patience and hard work in getting a perfect shot of your four-legged animal companion. Your finished pet portraits will likely be amazing and enchanting to every pair of eyes.

There are some suggestions for you to follow to have a good result of your pet portraits. One of the most necessary things to do is to have a good lighting. The best place that could be suitable for pet photography is usually in the outdoor settings. Hence, it might be also experimental if the photography session is taken place inside the studio or house with the use of artificial light. You should also avoid the direct sunlight so it is therefore an advantage to take a photograph of your pet in the morning or in the late afternoon. You should also avoid or rather turn the flash off to have a minimal possibility of red- eye effect. A flash can also distort or destroy the natural color of your pet and the shading of the subject. Pet Portraits

You have also to take in your mind that pets are not like us that could understand the word “pose”. Usually, pets are shy and camera-conscious. With this characteristic, there’s a big possibility for them to run away as you are attempting to get their perfect shots for your personal pet portraits. They are also sensitive to the sound of any cameras so if possible, turn that sound off.

It is also an advantage to your part if you’ll train your dog or cat of some basic commands like sit, stand, and lie. Well, if possible, you have to make them be familiar with a digital camera, like giving them an assurance that a certain device is harmless. You have also to keep in your mind that taking a picture level with your pet is better than requiring your pet to look at you while taking his photograph (this may be impossible for a common pet to do). Well, you could sit on the grass and have several shots without your pet knowing. Plus, you can have perfect subjects that features a playful appearance for your pet portraits.


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