Latest Fish Oil News – More Evidence For Good Health?

The latest fish oil news has again provoked further interest in the links between omega 3 fish oils and human health.

These two reports in particular looked at two important medical issues, breast cancer and longevity.

Just to give you a quick introduction to the subject, these pills, capsules and dietary supplements that contain these fatty acids have long been hailed by many a health expert as being essential to our heart and brain health.

Their positive use has also been documented across a whole range of other medical conditions, illnesses and diseases. Maybe there is something to investigate further. Let’s briefly look at what the first report in breast cancer concluded. 링크모음

It comes from the highly regarded Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research centre in Seattle, which looked at a group of around 35,000 women who were taking a fish oil supplement.

Their findings indicated that at least 30 per cent of them were less likely to develop the disease. This latest fish oil news is welcome, as any chance of reducing the risks of such a horrible disease is surely worth a second look.

Let’s go to the next report and look at longevity.

Here the study by the Korean National Institute of Health came to the general conclusion that men who ate fish on a regular basis, lived longer. There was an additional suggestion that it also lowers blood pressure.

Perhaps we ought to remark on the fact that in the Far East, Japanese and Koreans eat much less saturated fats, compared to many Western nations.


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