Marketing Book to the Press Without Paying for It

7 ideas for how to marketing your book to magazines and how to get publicity without paying a dime. It’s a true fact that you can. usf95zone

1. Grab a newspaper or magazine you want to be in, read not only the issue in your hand but past issues. Get an idea of the tone, style and past editorials on topics similar to yours. If your book is about gardening then pick up Home and Garden magazine, see if they ever have featured books. Even if they haven’t your book could fit into their next issue topics. Even if you book is about a divorce or a love affair, pick up a Glamour or RedBook Magazine, if you book is about being a Parent or Kids, pick up a parenting magazine. Trust me right now there is a magazine or news paper out there that is writing about your book topic and you just might not have discovered it yet. techmagazinenews

(I didn’t read tech magazines until only recently, but I got an editorial in MacLife magazine because I wrote my book at the Apple Store and at Borders, in the magazine section, I discovered that MacLife covers stories on Apple. So of course I sent them my press release)

2. Notice the writers in the magazines or newspapers. What other articles has this writer wrote about? Google the writer’s name. Sometimes you can even find the writers website or blog and you can directly contact him or her with your proposal and pitch. If this is not possible you can at least get a feel for the writer and know how to approach them based on their past articles and writing style. renownednews

3.There are topics you aren’t considering for pitching your book. Even though I am not a fashion model the FASHION sections of newspapers and magazines just might be interested in my book. Also the Style Sections, the Small Business, Local sections and the Entertainment sections might care too. Think deeper than just the title of your book, think about WHO might be interested in reading it. Most likely A LOT of people who read a lot of different things. xnxx

4. Are there other cities, places or people mentioned in your book? Consider all of these for places to submit.

5. Be Quick. if you see an article that might match your story, don’t wait months and month’s submit and contact the writer and newspaper and magazines ASAP.

6. Try email first and don’t give up. Keep emailing, and following up. Take a chance, I did and I ended up in the New York Post! Not bad for not spending a dime. techimpacter

7. It is important to have a website and even a business card these days. I get asked all the time, can I have your card and I don’t have one on me…just having a website isn’t enough, you need to have your marketing tools on you at all


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