Eating Out: Don’t Be a Fast Food Giant

Eating out this holiday weekend, or anytime during the summer, the familiar and cheap can be alluring. Even the giants of fast food don’t have to be huge digressions from your commitment to eating healthily, if you are an educated consumer. Here are some things to keep in mind when perusing the fast food menus:

Think Twice About: A small Curly fries has 450 calories, 210 from fat! The numbers for the steakhouse onion rings are almost identical. Just two potato cakes will give you 250 calories, 140 from fat (15 g). The Roast Ham and Swiss sandwich has 710 calories and 30g of fat. Even a medium roast beef has 420 calories, 16 g of fat. Beware their Market Fresh® Sandwiches – each one is between 700-820 calories!

L.E.A.N. Options: There are a few salads and wraps on the menu, but a good choice is the Chopped Farmhouse Salad with turkey and ham, coming in at 250 calories without dressing. If you would prefer the Chopped Farmhouse Chicken Salad, substitute grilled chicken for fried. Just beware that all but the very simple Chopped Side Salad, has 14g of fat or more. Dressings will make this number climb, exponentially.

On their website you can create your meal and see just how many calories and fat you would be consuming with those choices. Check their website for more nutritional info.

Burger King
Think Twice About: A medium fries will set you back 440 calories, with 22g of fat and 670g of sodium. Just a plain Whopper will give you 670 calories, 40g fat, and a whopping (pun intended) 980mg of sodium. A small cheeseburger has 300 calories and 14g of fat while a BK® Double-Stacker has 560 calories, a horrible 36g of fat and a shocking 1040mg of sodium.

L.E.A.N. Options: It might come as a surprise to know that Burger King’s Whopper Junior without cheese or mayonnaise actually has fewer calories (340 calories) than the chain’s Tendergrill chicken sandwich without mayonnaise (520 calories). Another L.E.A.N. option is a garden salad with (300 calories) or without (140 calories) grilled chicken. Needles to say you will be better off if you choose a fat-free or reduced fat dressing. If you simply must have fries, you can now order them ‘unsalted’. Do so!

Check their website for more nutritional info.

Kentucky Fried Chicken
Think Twice About: One original recipe fried chicken breast packs in 320 calories, 15g of fat, and an immodest 710mg sodium. Extra Crispy is also extra calories at 510, with 33g of fat and almost half your daily dose of sodium, 1010mg. Keeping with our calorie-fat-sodium listings:

Large popcorn chicken is batting 550-35-1600; Crispy Twister® with Crispy strip is 560-24-1600. One of the worst dietary offenders to the L.E.A.N. eating is the Famous Bowls® Mashed Potato with Gravy. This bowl is all calories and sodium – 700 calories, 32g fat and an entire daily dose of sodium, 2260. 검증사이트

L.E.A.N. Options: Choose a Caesar or side salad (if you get the Caesar, ask for roasted chicken rather than crispy). Watch the dressings. If you use the entire packet it can more than double the calorie and fat content of your salad. For KFC chicken, grilled chicken is far better than the fried. For this option, the drumstick is a good choice – 80 calories, but still 4g of fat and 230mg sodium. The breast is not the worst offender with 210 calories, 8g of fat and a surprisingly high 460mg of sodium. The healthiest sides are green beans, corn on the cob, three bean salad and “Mean Greens”.

You have to download a pdf to see KFCs nutritional content. Check their website for more nutritional info.

Think Twice About: French fries are a comfort food. A medium fries at McDonald’s has 380 calories, 19g of fat and a modest 270mg of sodium. It almost goes without saying that the burgers are calorie offenders, but sodium takes a big hit, too. A Big Mac® has 540 calories, 29g of fat and 1040mg sodium; a Quarter Pounder with Cheese® is listed at 510 calories, 26g of fat and 1190mg sodium. One of the highest, but still not the highest in calories is the Angus Burger® with Bacon and Cheese. The nutritional information on the McDonald’s site shows this as having 790 calories, 29g of fat and an incredible 2070mg of sodium.


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