Screening an Expert Mentor Candidate For Your Internet Marketing Business

Your internet marketing business needs more than just your time and energy. Almost every internet marketer finds, at some point, that their ideas for promotion reach a limit. It seems that their niche market has been saturated, and they can’t see another source for new customers. Worse, sales may begin to drop, even when new products are introduced. Even eBooks aren’t giving you more information, and when you talk to fellow entrepreneurs who have taken promising classes, you’re disappointed to find that the information covered is just more of what you already know.

It’s time to hire an expert mentor. These gurus work directly with you every week to help you generate fresh ideas, gain new insight and new customers, and essentially find ways to market your products to not just your existing niche business, Coaching but to new ones you never thought to tap. They do not work for you, and they do not teach you; instead, they become consultant team members of your business. They are coaching you through all the difficult steps you may have before you until you are able to continue forward on your own.

You can find expert mentors for your internet marketing business in a variety of places; by directly approaching people who have shown great success in your area of expertise, by using services that match mentors with mentees, or by talking to other marketers who have found success with mentors. You must find the right expert mentor, however, or your money is essentially wasted. Remember, this is not just a cash outlay. This is the whole future of your business you are entrusting to another person. You must find the right person.

Start by identifying exactly what your problem area is; internet marketing, growth, strategy, etc. Be as specific as you can, and look for an expert mentor with both experience and proven knowledge in the area you need help.

Once you’ve identified a few, go a little further. Make sure you feel good about the person you choose. It should be someone you’re completely comfortable with, whose teaching style meshes well with your learning style. If you need someone to tell you what to do, find that person. If you work better with a more feely type of mentor, that’s what you need.

Look beyond the salesletter. You’ve written these yourself, if you’re doing things right, and you know how easily they can be used to deceive. You want someone you have a personal relationship with. You want someone with whom you’ve chatted at least a few times and who has proven, through actions or through references, that they can be trusted.

Finally, your expert mentor should have a clear track record of success in two areas. They must have proven success in the area you need help with. They must also have successfully mentored at least one other person in that area or a related one. Mentoring is a very special skill, and even the best marketer in the world won’t be able to help you if they cannot communicate to you how to recreate their own success.

In your search, allow your mentors to also filter you out, if necessary. Tell them exactly what problem you seek help with, and how you anticipate being helped as well as a timeline you want to adhere to. A good, professional expert mentor will respond either by telling you they can’t help you, or with a general outline of how they can help you, with realistic anticipated outcomes for your internet marketing business.


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