Booklet Tips – Expand Your Product Line

Do you think it’s tough (much less necessary) to expand your product line from a tips booklet? Or that it has to be costly in time or money or brainpower? Think again.It’s much easier and less expensive in all resources than you probably imagine. And yes, it is necessary so people keep coming back for more. ternak303

Whether you have 52 tips or 100 tips or some other number of tips, you have additional products already created without doing another thing. That’s right. There are companies and organizations who want to rent your tips, just as they are.

Here are just a few ways your tips “renters” (aka licensees) can use your tips without you doing a thing. With your licensing agreement, they can:


  • Post on social media, adding their website address
  • Add to existing radio advertising (Following your tip, “this ___ moment brought to you by… “)
  • Incorporate onto their product packaging
  • Distribute to their customer/prospect mailing list
  • Add to internal communications to employees/vendors
  • Post on website product catalog pages
  • Use on voicemail announcements


If you want to take a little time, and still have it cost you nothing, you can record some brief audio interviews on one of the many no-cost conference call services or use your smart phone to record some brief videos that represent your tips. The audio and the video can also be “rented” (aka licensed). tips303

So far, this has all been digital products, which work well for many though not all situations. Some companies will want printed products that serve their additional purposes better. That can easily be audio CDs that can be produced and fulfilled by a service that does this – as few as one copy at a time. Your tips could be appealing as a card deck, with one tip per card. Someone else might prefer having your tips in a printed calendar or a printed journal or some other product. Yet others will want tee-shirts, coffee mugs, or endless other products where your content is ideal, and where you can create these on an as-needed basis paid for in advance by your client.

It is now easier and less costly than ever to expand your product line, and is limited only by your vision, imagination, and willingness.

ACTION – Think about which companies and associations can benefit from your content and in what formats digitally and/or as concrete products. Providing a short list of possibilities to your clients is likely to get them thinking in new ways without sending them into overload and confusion. They may come up with a use that you never considered, ternakslot100 something that would suit them perfectly that you had no reason to know. If it’s something that works for you, you now have one more way to present your content, thanks to the client’s input. Now it’s just a matter of determining the terms to offer to use your content and how to price it. You have expanded your product line almost without realizing it, increasing your reach and your bottom line. kotodama


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