Sommer’s Automobile Museum in Denmark

Although Denmark is a small country it still has an excellent repertoire of automobile collections in museums throughout the nation. While by no means the largest, king77 the Sommer’s Automobile Museum might be one of the most interesting due to its unique background. Ole Sommer’s grandfather owned a Ford Dealership, “SIMO” in Frederiksberg, a suburb of Copenhagen. Ole’s parents lived in an apartment above the dealership so Ole developed an interest in automobiles at a very young age. Ole went to England in 1949 as a student at the Jaguar Factory. He then transferred to Jowett where he earned a Certificate of Competence as a toolmaker. Upon returning to Copenhagen, puss888 he entered the Copenhagen Technical University and graduated in 1956 with a M. of Sc. At the same time, he was also the owner of the family owned automotive company as a result of his father’s death in 1952. The company, E. Sommer, imported cars including Jaguars. In 1957 however, Ole started his own company, called O. Sommer, a Volvo dealership, which would, became the largest Danish Volvo dealership. Sommer also started other businesses including a factory for Optimist dinghies and the import of marine engines from England, France and Spain. slot35

Then in the 1970’s Ole tried to realize his dream of a Danish production car and began manufacturing automobiles. He built a car named Joker and later in the eighties he built a sports car known as the OScar (Ole Sommer car). The OScar was based on Volvo parts. Although 20 OScars were made, only seven Jokers were built however one of them was featured in a car chase in the 1975 film ‘Famillien Gyldenkal.’ betflix789

The Joker was a boxy style van with a totally flat roof and windows all around. It was built with Volvo 140 parts. At the time it was built, Ole’s Volvo dealership had become the largest in Denmark.

Over the years, in addition to his many businesses and other activities, Ole had started collecting vintage cars and entering some of them in Veteran Car Rallies. In addition he was instrumental in organizing the Copenhagen Classic Car Cup, which featured historic cars racing in front of the Danish Parliament. The cars had also been loaned out to various other Danish museums. Finally, in 1980 they were all gathered together on the top floor of the Sommer Car Dealership at Naerum Hovedgade. It is the quality rather than the quantity that attracts visitors to this collection. The exhibit emphasizes the history of technology but also reflects Ole’s involvement with the industry. This is evident in the presence of the Jaguars and Volvos. For more info visit these sites: zodiac888

A sample Joker and Oscar, representing Ole’s efforts to create a Danish production car, are also present.

In 2004, the building, comprising three floors, was designed for museum use. Now on display are more than sixty veteran and vintage cars, electrically driven cars, sixteen engines from various cars, airplanes and ships together with a collection of two thousand model cars. Each car in the museum contains a description specifying the technical specifications plus anecdotes about the car itself.


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