A Joker’s Role In A Political Arena

It is interesting and intriguing to write on this topic which is appropriate and relevant in this modern era. It is defined that the modern and commonly held idea of a circus is of a Big Top with various acts providing entertainment therein. However, arianm it took a divergent path and becomes part of a political arena. It is a matter of significantly important as well as peripherally interesting in terms of modern politics around the world, especially the countries which are considered as developed and advance in comparison to rest of the world. Here there are a few aspects which govern the administration and operations constructively or destructively to suit their aims and objectives. mandaltempotraveller

The countries which are considered greatest democracies or banana republic in the world indulge blatantly or shamelessly irrespective of the situation. While the top countries are busy in executing their acts, the bunch of jokers plays their part providing entertainment to others. This camouflage scenario is predetermined, preplanned, meticulously executed and effectively implemented. The effects loom over a period of considerable time until it successfully ensured that the recipients are doomed and become totally confused entity. shoplocalgta

I am not going into the history and performance of a circus since its beginning until culmination but taking a leaf out of its character named as “Joker.” Although, the joker’s role is to entertain the audience, yet it does reflect its mastery of the individual within the acts. In modern times there is a trend to include some jokers in politics for the benefit of the political parties. Sometimes these inclusions are either by compulsion or by choice. In comparison jokers in a circus make the audience laugh and enjoy, but his own life revolves around melancholic situations. Whereas, in political circles, he becomes the victim of a political disaster, but suitably compensated by rewards and lucrative postings. actualidad-logistica

The tragedy falls either locally or globally affecting developed or underdeveloped countries in one way or the other. However, the effect is more pronounced when the clown becomes the head of state. The consequences affecting the state or other countries are disturbing to the masses. This is the crucial situation wherein the rich becomes super rich and the commoners are living hand to mouth. This is best explained in the following sentence; What the left-hand does, the right hand doesn’t know. netnaijas

Analyzing the factors which are responsible for such a scenario are greed and material attachments. It is, indeed, intriguing that since time immemorial human beings have witnessed that not a single soul survives beyond a certain age. Every soul which has come into existence has to die, yet people never learn the lesson and go after virtual things leaving behind reality. It is this point where a joker becomes a helping hand. Consciously and subconsciously he entertains, however, he also reveals the hidden truth by falling on the scene whenever it is required but the politicians ignore the warning. It is best described as a blind leading a blind. asia999


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