Soap Opera Story Lines – Past and Present

The soap opera were very careful as to what type of story lines the daytime audience viewed. Due to the lessening of the censorship of daytime television, just about anything goes at this point. It was a time that children could play in the same room while the soaps were on. That era has abruptly ended. If your child happens to watch at least the first 20 minutes of some soaps, they will immediately get educated in the art of infidelity, sex, drinking and profanity.

Since most children are in school between the hours of 9 am and 4 pm, the majority of them do not see the soaps. For the schools that are dismissed around 2 pm, the children have the opportunity to view the soaps if the parents are not there to monitor them. The world would be surprised at the amount of teenagers that pattern their lives after some of the soap opera characters. 포커사이트

The soaps offer story lines that hit home but more attention should be paid to protecting the children from some of the more damaging topics. Due to the relaxed attitude of the writers of the soap operas, there is at least one person per household that is a faithful watcher. The actors are superb and the story lines depict everyday life for most which caused them to be very popular.

It is sad to know that many children are being taught about sex through the lives of soap opera characters. This is a subject matter that should be discussed with the child by the parents. Most story lines depict a women or man that has had multiple sex partners. Is this a pattern that you would want your 16 year old daughter to follow? Or would you want a 15 year old thinking that killing people will make him rich? The story lines about date rape or teenage pregnancies are very informative but it is a lot of information that the young girls should only be told under different circumstances. We must be mindful of the things that our children are learning from watching television.


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