How Do You Get An Idea And What Happens

You trod along and mind your own business, perhaps having a fairly good day. ideasandmind

Between the myriad of thoughts that mingle in your mind there sometimes comes one that makes you stop the thinking process for a second. You suddenly know that there is more weight to this one than what thoughts you regurgitated from the previous memories and past experiences.

There comes a thought, that is not attached to any past feelings or emotions.

It’s a thought that is free flowing. What do you do with it? You can either feel something about it, and if it’s a good feeling, you will be more likely to file it in your mind and think more about its manifestation.

Respectively you can begin a creative process of molding the thoughtlife into some shape and form and visualize its resulting manifestation. You are forming pictures or moving images in your inner eye, weighing its validity against your beliefs, values and past experiences. ideashackers

And then you decide whether you like the thoughtlife or not. If you do, you may enjoy the creative process of visualization in more detail, adding some good resonating sounds, positive feelings, pleasant smells or delicious tastes to the visualized image.



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