Five Affordable High Paying Online Engineering Degree Programs

Engineering students can expect to work in one of the highest paying careers for a new graduate. An affordable online engineering degree program is a way to start cashing in on the higher salary faster than if the degree was obtained through a more expensive traditional campus based university. Of the 17 engineering specialties, the five engineering degree programs that are expected to have a good outlook for employment in the future are chemical engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, environmental engineering and industrial engineering.

Job growth for environmental engineers is expected to increase by 25% over the next decade according to the US Bureau of Labor. Increasing environmental regulations and proactive concern for the environment are influencing the expected growth in this field. The pay range for this specialty ranges from a low of $43,000 to a high of $106,000 with a median salary of $69,000. Schools such as Worcester Polytechnic Institute offer online masters of engineering programs in this field.

Industrial engineering positions are expected to increase by 20% over the next decade. Industrial engineers study the most effective way to affect production through the use of resources; people, material, and processes. Salaries range from a low of $44,000 to a high of $100,00, with the median being $68,000. Penn Foster College is an online college that offers this degree.

Civil engineering is another specialty that is expected to grow faster than average at a growth of 18% over the next decade. Civil engineers are needed to keep up with the demand of an increasing population in developing infrastructure. The salary range is a low of $44,000 to a high of $104,00, with the median being $68,000. Penn Foster College and Norwich University offer online civil engineering programs.

Chemical engineering positions are expected to grow at an average rate of 8%. Pharmaceutical companies are the most likely to need engineers. Also companies involved in biotechnology and nanotechnology. The salary range is a low of $50.000 to a high of $118,000 with the median being $78,000.

Job growth for mechanical engineers is expected to increase only 4%, but mechanical engineers will be able to enter other specialty areas because of their more broad background. Areas of nanotechnology, materials science, and biotechnology are areas where mechanical engineers can fill the bill. The salary range is a low of $45,000 to a high of $104,000 with the median being $69,000. The University of Delaware offers an online masters program in mechanical engineering.

The overall outlook for engineers of any specialty is good with an expected growth of 11%. Currently there are 1.5 million engineers working in a wide variety of specialties. Civil, mechanical, industrial, and electrical engineers hold the four top positions number of engineers employed.

Many schools such as Ashford, Drexel, University of Toledo, Polytechnic, Eastern Kentucky, Norwich, University of Delaware and Penn Foster College offer online engineering programs.

An online college and university website can provide information about the various programs, colleges and universities, costs, and financial aid. Advisors are available to answer questions, and you can send for information to read at your leisure.


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