The Human Need For Jokes and Entertainment

Entertainment is something people need in their lives, as they get bored of their daily existence. People want to have fun at the end of the day. They want to see funny things and crack jokes. That is the reason why entertainment industry is a huge industry worth billions of dollars. Since the time immemorial, humans used to find things to entertain themselves. Archaeologists have found evidence of cavemen enjoying themselves with music, dance and some kinds of art forms.

Humor is a great way to entertain a large number of people. This is a reason why cracking jokes have been a universal thing found in all countries of the world in one form or the other. A joke is a short and funny story, which shows someone or something in bad light while making people laugh. Jokes normally end with some surprising or funny, or strange twist that can evoke strong emotions in the listener. สล็อตออนไลน์

The industry that provides entertainment and other sources of amusement for people at a large scale is known as the entertainment industry. In modern times there are many forms of entertainment. Cinema, drama, music, dance, arts are some of the forms of entertainment. Various forms of entertainment cater to various tastes of people. For example, fine arts attract people with finer sensibilities. On the other hand, music attracts young people who want to have fun. Fiction writing is also a form of entertainment that caters to people’s higher intellectual pursuits. Humor and romance are the most popular elements of entertainment, followed by fantasy, glamor and mystery.

In modern world, people have access to sophisticated means to entertain themselves. Now a days people have access to lots of entertainment means like games, circus, cinema, TV, music, dance, etc. After the advent of the Internet, this new medium has emerged as a big source of entertainment. Now a days lots of entertainment web portals offer items for entertainment, including jokes, funny pictures, music downloads, desktop wallpapers, screen savers, riddles, etc.


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