Valentines Day For Picking Up Women – Possibly the Best Day to Score Big Time

Not many guys think about Valentine’s Day as a day for picking up women. And that’s the first reason why this day is the IDEAL day for scoring big time. Read on:

Valentine’s Day is typically the day meant for couples only and celebrated by couples only. But the single guys “in the know” see things much differently. You see, Valentine has a lot of things going for it as far as picking up women.

Think about it: First of all every single woman out there is going to be feeling LONELY on this day. Any attention they get will be much more important than usual. They are going to want attention to make up for the absence of a boyfriend.

Secondly, the process of elimination is already done for you. This is huge.

Think about it: If you go to any bar on Valentine’s night, 가상개경주 you are guaranteed a selection of single and available women. If they had boyfriends, they would be with them. Instead, they are out, and if they are going out they are choosing not to sulk in lonely behavior, but rather they are likely determined to make the best of this day, which means meeting new people.

Finally, sex is in the air.

Think about it: The amount of sex going on during Valentine’s is outrageous. The vibe is in the air, and this makes your chance at scoring big time huge.

This day is the “perfect storm” for picking up women. All the stars are aligned, and everything is in place. All you have to do is prepare yourself. Look sharp and learn the best pick-up lines as they are going to have an excellent chance of working on this day!


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