Breadth and Depth of Online Shopping

What is happening in the world of online shopping is nothing short of incredible. wavetaxi Even a few years ago, it would have seemed unimaginable.

Consider this scene:

A commuter is riding the train on her way home from work. She’s just read an article about a new book that has caught her fancy.

She whips out her mobile phone that has web browsing capabilities. Obviously there is no book store on that train. In fact, she doesn’t even have her laptop with her. But she can browse the net and purchase that book before she gets home for supper.

Growth in the use of the mobile web is increasing at an amazing rate, and thus the mobile realm is shaping up. The devices are improving as are the networks. This means that potential customers are growing accustomed to using their phone for more than just talking. The mobile shopping potential has just begun to emerge.

At this time, eighty percent of the U.S. population have mobile phones. Of these mobile phone users, 174 million, or seventy-two percent, have phones capable of browsing the web.

Thus, fifty-seven percent of the entire U.S. population use phones that can browse the Internet. Of U.S. citizens with mobile phones, twenty-five percent, or 60.8 million, browse the Internet from their phones; sixteen percent, or 38.9 million, do so frequently, according to JupiterResearch LLC.

As the mobile web experience improves, more customers will enjoy using the mobile web. Consequently consumer expectations go up. Soon they are expecting standard websites of other companies to offer a mobile experience.

What does this say to you as you consier making money through an online business?

First of all, it says shopping on the Internet is set for a new surge because of mobile phone shopping. That means even more prospects are out there waiting for what you have to offer.

Secondly, it says you may want to consider setting up your internet marketing business with a company that has already integrated mobile-optimized sites. For instance, check out what has to offer since they have been a frontrunner in this arena. yeslotto They are just one of many.

Suffice to say, shopping from one’s cell phone on the way home from work points to yet another trend in online businesses. Definitely a point you will want to consider when you decide which home based internet business is right for you.

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