The Story of Chosun, Part 4

While in the Middle East Mohammed and his hordes are kicking up dust that will one day engulf over a sixth of the world, the Far East is having its turmoil too, especially on the Korean Peninsula. Hulbert, whose standard-bearing history I continue to follow, says that the Emperor of China, from his vantage point, is now choosing what he believes will be the winner in the struggle of small nations in old Korea: Silla will be China’s friend. Korguryo, that later gives its name to the modern states, is not dependable, Pakje is just too small, and unstable. Silla is peaceful, for now, and reform-minded. Silla also knows where her bread is buttered. Her constant overtures to Big Sister next door finally win the day.

Even in our time, being favored by China is vital to certain Koreans living in the northern parts.

In 644, China once more attacks Korea’s territory, with Silla at her side. Pakje knows a sure thing and tags along too. So the battle is really against Korguryo, 모바일홀덤 three nations against one. It is these exciting days that have been captured in the famous Korean TV series “Dae Jo Yung.” There really was a Korean warrior by this name in this time. The story line is essentially true. But the drama comes from the Hollywoodizing of the facts, creations of legends, and of course, a romantic interest. I have said elsewhere that South Korea need not copy our way of telling stories when it has a history that is in and of itself quite fascinating.

The Chinese, incredibly, are stopped once again, at the Ansi fortress. Hungry for some victory and the ultimate face-saving that is so strong in Eastern thought, China/Silla in 660 end the national aspirations of Pakje altogether by a solid defeat. Strengthened, the team turns its eyes back to Korguryo. Finally in 668 the inevitable fall occurs, at a horrendous cost of human lives on both battle fields.

Silla is now emboldened to demand the entire Korean Peninsula, but China cools its ardor for its old ally when she becomes pushy. A growing conflict with China ensues. Malcontents, remnants of Korguryo and Pakje add their weapons for the coming fray.

Meanwhile Korguryo, what is left of it, strikes out for parts north and starts all over again. Then ends all over again in 682. Korguryo changes gears altogether and with a collection of northern tribes begins a new nation called Parhae even farther north.

All of the present players are destined to fall. When they do, legends arise as to omens that predicted the whole scenario, not unlike the mythology that surrounds the current leadership.

So the strains of history continue repeating their sad song in Korea. War, rumors of war, power struggles, deceitful religion, utter godlessness. Where is Christ? When will Christ be given His chance?


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