A Letter to the Press Corps and the People of the USA

Dear Members of the Press,
Why is it that this pastor of a little tiny church of 50 people in the middle of nowhere is getting all of your focus? This is a man who obviously does not get enough attention from his peer group and so is pulling an incredibly stupid stunt to get more paid to him, qqstamp and you’re helping to fuel the fire! Talk about little people going on big power trips!

Yes, it is Terry Jones’ right to burn a Koran if he so chooses. It’s also his right to burn a Bible, a Torah, a Book of Shadows, the Bhagavad Gita, and the teachings of Buddha. That doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. It just puts him in a light of being intolerant to any beliefs other than his own. America is proud of its constitution and that we allow so many freedoms here. Freedom of Expression, Freedom to Practice Your Own Religion and Freedom of the Press are just three of those. And we should be proud. This is a great nation that was founded on the principles of all people being equal. I realize that this has come to mean a great many things over the years and that we do have to ask the question, “equal in comparison to what?” quickstamp So let’s ask that. Is it right for a pastor at a church with a congregation of 50 people to take up so much of our time? Or does this give him “more” equality than say, the hundreds of thousands of people who are unemployed and looking for work? Does it make him “more equal” than people who DON’T believe that inflammatory acts (whether literal or figurative) should be something that is held up as a defining action of this great nation? Why is it that in this day and age where so much information comes pouring into our every day lives, we can’t find something better to talk about than a man who just wants to see his name on the evening news, who just wants a reputation for having “done that thing”? quickstamp

I would propose that instead of turning the camera lens and the microphone toward this man on Saturday, that you turn it away instead. Yes, he will be there, pulling his small-minded publicity stunt. And you can mention that he did it and that all beef hot dogs were roasted over the flames, or whatever else you’d like to include. But instead of focusing on this one small act, spend far more time reporting on the memorials to the victims of 9-11 that actually mean something to this country. more visit sites>https://quickstamp.net/ https://quickstamp.digital/ https://www.aquasafe.de/ https://technuto.com

People of the USA,
What if, instead of allowing our good name to be usurped by people who just need their 15 minutes of fame, we try to counter act what is happening in that good name by organizing readings of the Koran within our communities, regardless of religion. How wonderful if we gave our press something to focus on for September 11th that was positive and a show of how this country can unite itself in the cause of good and of peace by having local churches, synagogues, mosques, covens, and temples come together to read from each other’s sacred books. Everyone taking turns and finding selections that speak of peace and harmony between all peoples and the idea that we all share this planet so we really ought to make the best of it instead of the worst. Let’s show the rest of the world that we are not a country of small-minded bigots bent on spewing their verbal vitriol, but instead a country made up of people who may have differing opinions about many things but who can come together and show what a force for good we can be. If we collectively work to counter-act the damage that the few are inflicting upon our reputation, we can work toward that ultimate goal of peace between all nations and a world in which all peoples are free from tyranny that we so frequently espouse belief in.

I propose that on September 11th, 2010 instead of allowing our focus to be on Florida, we spread it all over this nation and stand together to show how wonderful and united we are in our diversity. To show that our differing beliefs bring us together instead of dividing us. That we have the integrity of character as individuals and as a country to stand up for what we claim to believe in, to protect our troops, who are out there to ensure that we are able to keep these “sacred freedoms” and do our patriotic duty as Americans to show the world that we are more than the angry face they have seen on their television screens and in their newspapers, that we still possess the dignity and spirit to show our “true colors”. I remember an ad campaign for the wars that claimed, “These colors don’t run”. Well they shouldn’t run from civic duty either. There may be those in our country who feel they can hog the spotlight. But everyone in this country has the right to freedom of expression. Let’s show that we all know how to use it, to and for the greater good.


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