Should You Buy a Turnkey Website?

I did. I bought my turnkey website through eBay. The expectation was, according to the sales pitch, that it would be earning me $2500 a month on autopilot within weeks. Mmmm. Experience has really taught something entirely different.

The problem with eBay feedback on this kind of thing is that the purchaser simply does not have enough time to test the theory before providing feedback. This particular company’s feedback was around 98% positive, but none of the feedback suggested that the websites kup opinie google purchased had earned money. All of it had to do with the speed of the sale, the description of the site, whether communication with the company was good etc. However, the one truly positive comment I can make about the hosting company was that they lived up to their promise of free help 24/7, on a hosting fee of around $80 a year.

Being a real novice, with no website knowledge, the assistance with how to create posts and pages – on what turned out to be a WordPress blog with an Amazon astore kup komentarze google (which is free) and AdSense (again, which is free) attached – was a real help and in consideration, $80 for that help was not money wasted.

The package came with SEO material, telling you how to promote your site on the web. Of course, it was only when one started to promote one’s turnkey site on the web, that the realization dawned that there were at least 10, probably 100 or more of the identical sites being sold to other eBay buyers. The eBay blurb did say – 10 available – but that same advertisement was around for a long time. In other words it was a cloned site. Like finding a needle in a field of haystacks if anyone was going to find my site from a search on the web!

What you learn is that, unless you are willing to pay out thousands of dollars in AdWords adverts and pay directories to have your site placed onto theirs, it is virtually impossible to get visitors to your site through Search Engine searches (called organic searches). And without visitors (called traffic), more info please visit:- or you can’t sell anything. Even AdSense is of no use to you. I particularly wanted to see if buying a turnkey site like this worked without throwing a lot more money at it. Bottom line is, I’ve not read of one success case yet.

For the uninitiated, AdSense are adverts which appear on pages on the Web. A lot of them are sponsored by Google but other companies, like Yahoo, use the same formula. AdWords are how AdSense comes about. With AdWords, you pay (or bid) an amount of money to get your site advertised on the web.

When the resulting advertisement comes up and someone clicks on it, the ‘click’ is the AdSense part. The website owner earns a commission from Google (or Yahoo etc) while the advertiser has paid for that advertisement to appear using AdWords.

My site was about small boats. The ‘header’ showed a motorboat traveling at speed. Try finding a motorboat on Amazon! But look for small boats, kayaks, canoes, dinghies etc, both rigid hull and inflatable and the choice is huge.


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