Free Poker Games

If you want to play free poker games then it isn’t too hard to get started, firstly you will need to find a poker site. This should not be difficult as there are lots of sites to choose from. You will also need an email account so you can register an account with the site. Many poker sites will let you join up for free by downloading the software and filling out a quick registration form, the hardest part of this is picking a unique user name for yourself that has not already been used. Once you have an account and have confirmed your email address you are ready to get started playing free poker games.

The free poker games are played on play money tables, this is pretend money or pretend chips given to you when you first register. Don’t worry if you run out of free chips as most sites will allow you to get some more to keep playing with. Alternatively you if you run out at one site you could always simply register at another. Playing for free is a fantastic way to learn about the different variations of the game as you can’t actually loose any of your hard earned cash. Once point to remember though is that because no one is losing any real money the games will be played more daringly and carefree. You may find yourself up against players holding on to lower pairs until the showdown simply because they cant loose and there is no real gamble.

In general when playing freechip for fun you will find there is less competitiveness as players are just playing for fun and not to win money.


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