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In a desire to provide timely, relevant information, I often check current events. Nearly always there is something going on in the news that in some way relates to some aspect of either my business or that of my clients.

Email marketers, when you watch the news, find relevant topics and links to share…and build a connection…you bring value to your subscribers.

One recent top internet news article was about Justin Beiber. And he’s bungee jumping in Austraila. Just in case you’ve been hiding in a dark corner somewhere in the world for awhile, and don’t know who Justin Beiber is…he’s the young Canadian heartthrob, a pop/R&B singer who’s taking on the world…one YouTube moment at a time. In fact, that’s actually where he was discovered. He’s an overnight sensation…so popular his performance in Australia was severely curtailed because of the security issues his popularity raised.

Now…maybe that’s not a big deal to you. But…if your passion…and your business…revolves around video making, video marketing…or all things video…, it’s a big deal for your subscribers…and you.

Why? Because it’s timely, relevant news that you can use. It’s a clear demonstration of the power of video (OK, maybe talent has something to do with it as well) and a perfect way to begin a conversation about how video can help launch a career or a business…and skyrocket anyone from the unknown to the…well-known.

If you market to business owners who want to add video to their websites, or create YouTube videos exclusively, something like this can seriously tweak their interest…especially their interest in your ability to help them get something they need, want or desire…now.

Even if this isn’t your niche, it’s still possible to use this news to inspire your subscribers. Besides being a great video ad, it’s also a good description of what happens once you hit the “big time.” If I went bungee jumping tomorrow…trust me…nobody would notice, let alone care. But…at the level Justin Beiber is at now…it’s hot news.

Hmmm…maybe I’ll qualify that statement before I start sounding like a pitiful self-loathing writer. (although some say that’s when we’re at our best) and state that I do have my followers, and maybe a few people would care…especially if I broke my arm and couldn’t write…or fix dinner…or clean the cat commode…but it just wouldn’t be newsworthy.

The point, however, is that when you’re watching for it, there’s always something in the news that in some way is connected to your subscribers. If there weren’t people who would be drawn to whatever is being published, it wouldn’t get published. Truly. And, when you look for a bit, there’s always a connection.

There’s another recent headline that reads…”Times 100 Most Influential People.” Talk about something to work with. Whatever business you’re in, I’ll bet you can pull something from that article that relates directly to your subscribers’ interests.

Let’s see here…one of them is Sarah Palin. So…what might your subscribers find of interest about Sarah? Her espoused conservatism, her “homespun” colloquialisms, her glasses, clothes, hairstyle; her family? There is so much to pick from I could go on all day.

If you’re sure your subscribers just aren’t “into” ” Sarah Palin…with 99 other candidates to pick from, I know you can find something that one of them has…does…or is…that relates to your readers. Something they would find of interest and of value.

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