How to Determine If You’re Addicted to Facebook

Are you addicted to Facebook? Ask yourself a few questions to help determine the answer:

How many Facebook games do you play? These games are meant to keep you on the site. While games like FarmVille and Mob Wars can be fun, they can often be addicting. This is because of their structure- the longer you play, the more you are rewarded. Also some games have a guilt aspect, where you have to log in regularly to check on and care for virtual pets or crops.

Mob Wars is especially pernicious as a time waster. It seems so easy to log in and do another hit, and you tell yourself you’ll get in quick and then log right out again. But you don’t. You log in just for a while and before you realize it, hours have passed!

How often do you check your News Feed? Twice a day should be sufficient to keep up with family and friends. More than this can indicate a problem.

If you are trying to make your Facebook time more efficient, time your check-ins. Log in and read your News Feed in the morning, to see what went on during the night, then again in the evening to catch up on the day’s events.

The News Feed should not be open and scrolling on your computer like a news ticker. While other people’s news scrolls past, you miss making your own news and living your own life.

How many updates do you post per day? If you are posting several times per day, you may want to ask yourself whether your items are really post-worthy. Don’t fill up your friends and family’s News Feeds with what you had for lunch, this is tiresome. Post things that are truly clever and amusing, or major news. Leave the minutiae off.

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