BIGGER Penis Size Can ONLY Be Attained With Hand Work Outs – 9″ Erections Can Occur (Great News)

All men wish that they had some sort of control over the size of their manhood. They do not know how they can get that control, because everyone knows that pills, pumps, and extenders do not work to make men larger at all. There is but one method that actually works, and it has been kept from you from you by the powers that be.

How these hand exercises work to make the penis bigger for life

Once men begin to realize that the penis can be made larger after bone growth has stopped, then they have begun to crack this holy grail. Understanding how these work is pretty easy. Basically, all that is happening is that the soft tissue in the shaft of the manhood can be made larger when gentle pressure is applied to it. The tissue will expand and elongate, making the manhood longer and thicker for life. Women love the thickness that this can create because they enjoy the stimulation that a wide erection creates on the vaginal walls.

The maintenance that is required to keep your new size

There is a common misunderstanding that men have about these routines. And that is that they believe that they will have to do these for the rest of their lives, every week, to maintain their new size. This is simply not true, because once you get to your new, increased size, you actually stop doing these for life. You don’t shrink back, because the penis is not a muscle, but tissue and ligaments, and they maintain their size for life without constant training.

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