Pretty Green – A Brand In Focus

Pretty green is a no nonsense designer clothing brand that is fronted by ex Oasis front man Liam Gallagher. The pretty green label promotes itself as being a modern day designer label with a simplistic approach, there collections always offer highly fashionable clothing what boast impeccable quality. Often related to as a brand for the fashion conscious men who looking for both casual and formal alternatives with a simplistic approach.

There collections are always of high quality and each brings something different to the label season after season – The two main ranges in their superb collection include “The Green Label” & “The Black Label”, each with a different focus.

The Green Label

The Green label is a label consisting of every day signature pieces for the fashion conscious male who seeks unique clothing, the green label is usually related to as been the casual range, however I think even “The Casual Range” is spectacular and should certainly be seen as a premium range. The Green Label generally houses printed t shirts, casual knits and one of their most iconic pieces “The Quadrophenia Parka”, known as the original mod parka is present in the green label by pretty green and simply justifies the green labels contents – Contemporary, simplistic, casual yet highly fashionable and crafted with high quality materials and incredible craftsmanship.

The Black Label

The Black Label is the smarter of the two and is known for being the home of premium outerwear – You can expect to find gentleman like trench coats and macs in the Black Label collection. Some of the pieces in the Black Range are inspired by Beady eye front man Liam Gallagher Himself – If you are looking for smart/ Casual outwear then the black label collection may be for you. There are a few pieces that are designed to have a less gentleman like look about them whilst reaming highly fashionable.

There it is an overview of Pretty Green and what you can expect from the brand as it continues to storm the world with its uniquely styled clothing. As I have mentioned, there is an item for everyone, whether you’re looking for a trendy signature piece for use throughout the day, a stylish jacket or even a smart and gentleman like overcoat; you’re sure to find what you are looking for among either the Green or Black label collection.

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