Is the Recession Over? How to Ignore ‘Good News’ and Stay Focused

I am breaking one of my rules – I hold a pretty low regard for the press’s sensationalising of news. Today, however, I am looking at the media and the influence they play.

Head lines like the below are dangerous in the short term.

The Uk Recession is Over

They have all got a lot to prove in being the first to ‘call’ a recovery first, especially since very few of them forecast us all dropping off the cliff 18 months ago. More details please visit:-

Even if you could hang your hat on what they predict it would be bad practice to do so. After all we should be looking inwards for our values and determination. It’s so easy to do well when the world is doing well. It’s not so easy to still do it when everything is heading south.

Can I therefore suggest a degree of objectivity? May I even go one better and suggest this simple list of strategies to keep your head in the game and out of the news.

  1. Take a news sabbatical. News is mostly people’s opinions about other people’s lives. I suggest while you are responsible for your company’s better health that you spare yourself subjective conjecture. Let reality be your best beginning.
  2. Finish your week before you begin it. If you don’t know where you’re going you probably won’t get there. Just having and reviewing strong pre-determined goals will pull you through the most difficult of times.
  3. Daily exercise. Immediate short term benefits will be the rush of endorphins and the feel good factor. Long term you will develop strong mental resilience as well as a thinner waist line. If you don’t have time to be healthy then make time for being ill.
  4. Read inspirational material. Start your day by nourishing your mind with positive material. The biographies and life stories of great people can inspire us for the whole day.
  5. Live in day tight compartments. Learn not to just get through the day, but get the best from the day. Make each day of your life a masterpiece. Craft it and live it to the best of your ability. Run your own race and take those news headlines with a pinch of salt.

A H Denton is a business owner who is surviving in the economic downturn. A young unconventional entrepreneur, he runs a six figure business in one of the sectors worse hit by the recession.

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