Format For Writing a Newspaper Article – Format to Follow in Writing Compelling News Articles

Writing newspaper articles is relatively easy as you just need to follow one specific format. Although this will not give you enough space for your creativity and although this will not allow you to voice out your opinions about the stories that you’re covering, it will surely make the whole process easier and manageable for you.

1. Headline. It’s crucial that you use attention-grabbing headlines for each of your news articles. This is important as the success of your articles will depend on it. To increase the chances of your copies being read, ensure that your headlines are powerful and that they target human emotion.

2. Lead paragraph. This is the most important part of your article. In here, you must communicate every single information that your readers need to know to understand the stories that you’re covering. You must also be able to answer all their possible questions. In a nutshell, your lead paragraph is the summary of your whole article. More details please visit:-

3. Article body. Your succeeding paragraphs must include all the supporting details and quotes from people who are involved in your stories. The information you include in your article body must not be as important as those information that you put on your lead paragraph. Your readers must be able to understand your story even if they don’t have the time to read your article after your first paragraph.

4. Background information. You only need to provide background information if you’re writing a follow-up story on articles that you’ve previously written. This is to help your readers fully understand your article even if they were not able to read the previous ones that you have published.

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